Books and CDs/DVDs

Relax into Yoga for Seniors

This six-week program for strength, balance, flexibility and pain relief is co-authored with Kimberly Carson.

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Yoga Sparks

Have a minute? In sixty seconds—or even less—you can practice yoga and gain significant and lasting benefits.

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Healing Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Easy, effective practices for releasing tension and relieving pain.

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Relax into Yoga for Chronic Pain

Based on the Mindful Yoga program, shown in research trials to significantly reduce pain.

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Healing Moves

Pioneering research shows that simple movement offers profound benefit and can help relieve a wide range of diseases.

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Relax Into Yoga

This DVD combines the best of modern, evidence-based medicine with the ancient wisdom of yoga.

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Healing Moves Yoga CD

Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this guided audio practice brings the deeply nourishing experience of Carol’s popular yoga classes into your own home.

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Integrative Cardiology

This practical resource delivers a critical and balanced assessment of the evidence for complementary alternative medicine.

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Yoga Shalom

A unique worship experience that brings together body, mind, and spirit.

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Audio Practices

Let Carol guide you through gentle yoga practices by downloading these audio files onto your computer and/or smartphone.

Midday Rejuvenation

Enliven your energies with this invigorating, 47-minute practice.

Rise and Shine

Wake up your body and mind with this 46-minute practice to help you prepare for your day.

Standing Poses

Give your body a break from sitting with this 20 minute standing practice that will help you build strength and improve your posture.

Short and Sweet

In just 30 minutes you can experience a complete practice designed to stretch and strengthen you body, ease your mind, and lift your spirits.

Balance Poses

Boost your balance with this 20 minute practice designed to strengthen your legs and core and enhance the neurological pathways that help keep you upright.

Standing Sequence for Strength and Balance

Energize your body and mind with this 8-minute yoga break that focuses on building upper body strength and boosting balance.

Seated Sequence for Upper Body Ease

Stretch out your neck, arms, shoulders and upper back with this 18-minute practice done sitting in your chair.

Hip and Leg Flexibility

Stretch out your legs and find ease in your hips with this 12-minute practice.  Try it first thing in the morning to relieve stiffness – feel free to practice in […]

Range-of-Motion Sequence

Designed to take all the body’s major joints through their full range of motion, this 24-minute practice includes the centering breath, gentle postures, and relaxation.

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