Press About Carol

Widely quoted in periodicals such as USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, Carol is a trusted source for journalists reporting on the connection between movement and health. Here are some articles in which she offers an expert’s view:

12 Etiquette Tips for Yoga Class — and the reasons behind them

September 2019 | Open Outside Website

3 Big Ways Yoga Can Help with Weight Loss Goals

September 2021 | Open Outside Website

“Adaptive” Yoga Opens This Practice to Everyone

February 2021 | Open Outside Website

Growing Old with Yoga

May 2016 | Open PDF

Restorative Yoga – Arthritis Today

December 2016 | Open PDF

Easing Into Yoga

Consumer Reports on Health recommends that beginners with stiff joints look for an instructor trained in Carol & Kimberly's "Therapeutic Yoga for Seniors."

October 2014 | Open PDF

Companies Say Yoga Isn’t a Stretch

October 2003 | Open PDF

A New Yoga DVD at 75? It’s no stretch for Jane Fonda.

Carol is quoted in an article about Jane Fonda.

December 2012 | Open PDF

Prescription: Yoga

June 2011 | Open PDF

Relieve Neck Pain

August 2011 | Open PDF

Dr. Weil Praises Healing Moves

February 2000 | Open PDF

Yoga could be good for heart disease

Simultaneous focus on body, breathing, and mind may be just what the doctor ordered.

November 2010 | Open PDF