Podcast Interviews with Carol as a Guest

Hear Carol talk about the healing power of movement.

The Yoga Therapy Hour with Amy Wheeler

Amy is thrilled to welcome Carol Krucoff from the Duke University Integrative Medical Center. In this illuminating episode, we journey through Carol's inspiring personal and professional path that led her to pioneer the yoga program at the renowned medical center.

September, 2023 Go to Outside Website

Hit Play Not Pause: Healing Moves with Yoga Therapist Carol Krucoff

Carol Krucoff shares how yoga quite literally saved her life and how she applies what she’s learned to help others.

March, 2021 Go to Outside Website

Yogaland Podcast with Andrea Ferretti

Carol talks about how she creates a welcoming, safe environment for seniors, common poses that are contraindicated for conditions like osteoarthritis or heart disease, and what it means to take an integrative approach.⁠

May, 2020 Go to Outside Website

How Yoga Can Help You Age Gracefully

The right yoga practice can help you age gracefully and alleviate pain.

March, 2020 Go to Outside Website

What Are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga therapist Carol Krucoff explains to The People's Pharmacy the health benefits of yoga, regardless of age or fitness. Yoga goes far beyond poses to breathing and ethical living.

October, 2018 Go to Outside Website

Living Yoga Radio

Carol explores how yoga can help relieve and prevent neck pain with Robin Rothenberg.

November, 2012

The People’s Pharmacy

Carol discusses the health benefits of yoga with Joe and Terry Graedon

May, 2008

NPR’s Talk of the Nation: Americans and Exercise

July, 2000 Go to Outside Website