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Private & Group Classes

Individual Yoga Therapy

Carol offers private therapeutic yoga sessions at Duke Integrative
Medicine, on Duke University’s Center for Living Campus, in Durham, NC. In
light of Covid, Virtual Yoga Therapy sessions are also now available.


Yoga Therapy adapts the tools of yoga–which include postures,
breathing and meditation–to the individual needs of people with health
challenges. Learn what to expect in a Yoga Therapy session by clicking
this link:

What to Expect in a Yoga Therapy Session


To see a short video about Virtual Yoga Therapy, click here:

For information and to schedule an appointment, please call (919)

Integrative Yoga for Seniors - Master Training at Duke

In this Master training, participants learn from Duke medical experts–including physicians, physical therapists and health psychologists–about health conditions common to older adults. Experienced yoga therapists Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson offer guidance in safely and effectively modifying the practice for older adult bodies, minds and hearts. For more information about Carol & Kimberly’s Yoga for Seniors training, please visit www.yoga4seniors.com.

We are offering our program virtually this spring, through Duke Integrative Medicine.  For information about this Master training and to fill out an application, please visit: https://dukeintegrativemedicine.org/programs-training/professionals/integrative-yoga-for-seniors-professional-training/

Yoga for Seniors ONLINE Teacher Trainings

Kimberly and Carol’s online Teaching Yoga to Seniors certificate course is designed to help yoga teachers safely and effectively adapt the practice to older bodies, minds and hearts.  More information here:  https://www.teachingyogatoseniors.com

The Deeper Dimensions of Yoga

Join me to explore the deeper dimensions of yoga that go beyond the physical into the emotional, cognitive, and spiritual heart of the practice.  I’ll be offering this online course through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Duke University during their winter term. Each class will consist of a lecture and a practice, with time for questions. For more information please click here.

Healing Yoga for Back and Neck Pain

To receive information about future dates for this course, please join Carol’s mailing list here: https://healingmoves.com/contact/


If your back is chronically tense and tight and if the muscles in your neck and shoulders often feel as hard as a rock, you’re not alone. In our high-stress, sedentary, 24/7 world, back and neck pain are a major cause of disability.  Learn a simple, effective yoga practice designed to relieve back and neck pain, plus strategies to help enhance overall health. Each 90-minute class will include a short educational component, plus a complete yoga practice including stress-reduction techniques and relaxation.

For information, please visit: https://dukeintegrativemedicine.org/programs-training/public/healing-yoga-for-back-and-neck-pain/ or call 919-660-6826.

Relax into Yoga for Seniors Workshop: Skillful Practices to Honor Aging Bodies

As we age, it’s common to face issues such as hypertension, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic pain, and more. Yoga is beneficial for all of these age-related ailments and can lead to greater flexibility, balance, and overall well-being.  Yet surprisingly, some commonly-taught yoga postures may pose risks to older adults, which means it’s vital that seniors study with an experienced, qualified instructor.

After training yoga professionals to make yoga practices more accessible to older adults for over a decade, Kimberly and Carol are offering weekend workshops where older adults can experience their evidence-based approach, Relax into Yoga for Seniors. Developed in collaboration with experts at Duke University Medical Center, this pioneering program safely and effectively adapts yoga practices for older bodies, minds, and hearts.


Our 2020 Workshops have been cancelled due to Covid 19.    To receive information about future workshops, please contact join Carol’s mailing list here: https://healingmoves.com/contact/

60-Second Stress Relief

Have a minute? In 60 seconds—or even less—you can practice yoga and gain significant and lasting benefits. By integrating quick, simple “micro-practices” into your busy day, you can create relaxing, transformative moments.  And these practices are accessible to virtually anyone—regardless of age or fitness level. For information, please visit:   https://www.dukeintegrativemedicine.org/programs-training/public/60-second-stress-relief/

Stress Relief Right Under Your Nose

A relaxed abdominal breath is nature’s own built-in relaxation mechanism–yet many people in our 24/7 high-stress culture are shallow “chest breathers” and miss out on one of the simplest, most effective ways to enhance health. The breath is the only physiologic function that is under both voluntary and involuntary control and offers a unique doorway into the central nervous system.  Learn simple breathing practices that can profoundly boost health. Contact Carol to arrange a presentation.