In more than 35 years as a journalist, Carol has written hundreds of articles ranging from magazine cover stories to newspaper special reports, personality profiles, humor pieces, features and essays. Here are some samples of her work:

More Older People are Doing Yoga, But They are Also Racking Up Injuries

December 2017 | Open Outside Website

Looking for a Yoga Teacher? This is Worth Knowing

December 2017 | Open Outside Website

Using Yoga to Manage Health Problems

November 2016 | Open Outside Website

Adventures in Afib

November 2016 | Open Outside Website

Why I let a brain tumor go untouched for 10 years

February 2016 | Open Outside Website

Yoga for seniors can help with balance, agility and strength. But injuries do happen.

Some poses can stress older bodies or cause injuries. Some tips to maximize benefits and avoid risks.

August 2014 | Open Outside Website

7 Ways to Ease Into Yoga

An expert's guide on how to get started.

July 2014 | Open Outside Website

Yoga for Bone Health

Yoga can help those with osteoporosis and osteopenia maintain bone mass, build strength, and prevent injury.

September 2013 | Open Outside Website

The Heart of Healing

Exploring how yoga can be used to prepare for surgery and bounce back.

October 2010 | Open PDF

Can Yoga Help with High Blood Pressure

Ask the Expert with Carol Krucoff.

March 2012 | Open Outside Website

Insight From Injury

In a practice meant to heal, why are so many people getting hurt?

May 2003 | Open Outside Website

Redefining Great Abs

Forget the six-pack – yoga builds abdominal muscles in a holistic way.

November 2003 | Open Outside Website

Don’t Be a Slouch

Stave off back and neck pain with better posture.

September 2011 | Open PDF

Foot Notes

Heal your heels (and toes and arches) with 4 simple moves.

June 2011 | Open PDF

Are You Practicing Yoga or Yoga-Flavored Exercise?

Yoga’s booming popularity has resulted in some classes called “yoga,” but are actually just yoga-flavored exercise classes.

March 2011 | Open Outside Website

Free Your Neck

Find lasting relief with alignment awareness on and off the mat.

December 2010 | Open Outside Website

Breathing Lessons

Think you know how to do it? You’re wrong.

May 2000 | Open PDF

An Athletic Boom in Busts

Sports bras have come a long way.

August 1999 | Open PDF

Overcoming Sports Performance Anxiety

Techniques from top psychologists.

May 1996 | Open PDF

Stunning News of a Tumor Serendipitously Discovered

The dilemma of incidental findings.

September 2005 | Open PDF

Stress Relief Right Under Your Nose

The best anti-stress medicine we may have.

December 2000 | Open PDF

Is Your Life Worth 30 Minutes a Day?

Don’t be afraid of the E word – it could mean your survival.

December 2001 | Open PDF

‘Tis the Season for Relief

Top health experts offer their favorite stressbusters.

December 1998 | Open PDF

When to Worry About a Fever

Doctors offer some surprising news.

December 1994 | Open PDF

Secrets of a Black Belt Mother

Mental “self-defense” techniques to counter any attack.

November 1996 | Open PDF

Why the Best Excercise Buddy is a Dog

Health secrets I’ve learned from my canine companion.

Array | Open PDF

Can Exercise Make You Smarter?

Probing the links between physical activity and brain power.

March 1996 | Open PDF

Kitchen Yoga

No time to do yoga and cook dinner? This practice lets you do both.

April 2006 | Open PDF

The Joys of Jumping

“Skip it” for fun and fitness

October 2006 | Open PDF

Premenstrual? Me? Bug Off!

Call me cyclically challenged, hormonally impaired or just plain WACKY (Woman at Cycle, Kindly Yield)

February 1994 | Open PDF

Close Call at the Finish Line

Drinking too much water can be deadly.

April 2005 | Open Outside Website Open PDF

When It Comes to Exercise, Little Things Mean a Lot

March 2002 | Open Outside Website

How to Beat a Scary Diagnosis

A cancer survivor tells you how to win the fight for your life

July 2011 | Open Outside Website

Boost Your Energy

Easy ways to rev up and feel fantastic.

February 2002 | Open PDF

Relief for Jaw Pain

Strategies for coping with TMJ

May 2007 | Open PDF

Say Yes to Yourself

Moms need to carve out personal time in a pressure-filled day.

October 2007 | Open PDF

Hailey’s Comets

Her daughter’s running shoes gave Gloria the strength to break away

October 2012 | Open PDF

Bully-Besting Tips from a Black Belt Psychologist

Martial arts for peace teaches kids how to win without fighting

September 1996 | Open PDF

Winning and Losing

Learning to do both with grace boosts kids’ self-esteem

July 1995 | Open PDF

Winter Wake-Up with Yoga

Start your day off right with this five-minute routine

Array | Open PDF

How to Win Without Coming In First

The score is only one measure of success

September 1997 | Open PDF